Long Live The Banana Sessions

The Banana Sessions Vs. Animal Hospital, October 2012

The Banana Sessions Vs. Animal Hospital, October 2012

HIYA PALS. I’m sorry we’ve been so quiet lately, there’s been a whole bunch of ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (as David Bowie would put it) happening in Banana Land, and we’ve just been finding our feet, settling our heads, dusting off our lapels, etc.

As you may (or may not) know, I’ve upped sticks to The Big Smoke, for better or for worse. At the moment, it’s definitely better – except for the price of a pint and the severe lack of Buckfast. Aside from that, I’m having a blast. In other news and in stark contrast, Calum (the other songwriter, guitar player, bearded buffoon, cheesy grinner, all-round dude) has just bought a little house by the sea in Ireland, and will be moving there in the next few months so he can spend the rest of his days, or some of them at least, surfing, playing the guitar and growing his beard.

It’s to be expected that things change and life goes on and all that banter, but it’s with a very heavy heart that we announce that The Banana Sessions you all know and love have ‘disbanded’ as it were. I’m sure some of you knew already, but we hadn’t made an official announcement as such. With all of us being really busy with a million different musical projects and jobs, and trying to balance it alongside some sort of personal life… well, it all got a bit messy. Rather than drag out what was one of the most amazing, humbling, funnest and funniest times of our lives, we thought we’d call it a day and end it on a positive note.

HOWEVER, do not be alarmed. Musicians don’t just stop making music. Instead, we’re just changing it up a bit. Those of you who’ve been following us since the beginning will know that The Banana Sessions began as a duo – just Calum and myself. We wrote a bunch of songs, met Tom Pickles, wrote a bunch of other songs, met Cal Mac, wrote a bunch of other songs and then met the mighty Tombo and smashed a shit load of gigs. It was a project that was growing over the space of about 5 years, and a bloody good 5 years it was too. So, with everybody’s lives going in different directions (Horndog Brass Band, The Mike Kearney Katet, NoFitState Circus), Calum and I thought we’d strip it down and take it back to the roots.

For all those who made it to our last gig as a bunch of five, we salute you. That was probably our best gig to date. For all those who made it along to mine and Calum’s first intimate gig as The Banana Sessions Songwriters at Douglas’ infamous house concerts, you’ll have a little insight into how this is going to sound.

THE AWESOME NEWS is we have brand new album coming out and it’s almost finished. We’ve been working on it for the past little while, hence why we’ve been so quiet, and it’s almost ready. It features songs that Calum and I were writing for the majority of 2011/2012 and it features Euan Burton on double bass and Doug Hough on drums. As I type this, Calum is in The Depot with Sir Garry Boyle (he’s not a Sir, but he should be) recording some of Scotland’s finest musical maestros (Mike KearneyMartin Green, to name a couple. Not a gay couple. Just two names. Calm down. Stop spreading rumours.)

It’s called Be Bold and Brilliant, in tribute to our pal Big Phil, and inspired by a poem by Amelia Parisian. It’s sounding really cool. Quite folky, quite intricate, quite mellow. It’s pretty different to anything we’ve done before, but we hope you dig it. Like a totally reeking matured cheese.

You want a sneak preview don’t you? I’m afraid THIS is the best I can do. But keep your eyes peeled for more on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We can also hook you up with a cheeky free download of this remix of Whirlpool, courtesy of Morphamish, Daddy Scrabble and Dave Volitantes. It should be the perfect soundtrack for this Sunday, which (apparently) is going to be the hottest day of the year so far.

Taps aff.

Roberta Banana x

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Animal Hospital & The Banana Sessions Present… A Good Old-Fashioned RIOT!

As recently verified by the discovery of the Higgs-Bison (the so called “fun particle”), there is no force known to man as unstoppable as a party. When two complimentary party vectors join together, the resultant force (a “superparty”)  has enough power to easily decimate the comparitively weak covalent bonds responsible for fastening together barriers between musical genres.

Or so we’ve heard.

Click HERE for a sneak preview of one of our most recent live shows.


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Stupid Head (Unplugged) & our Offical Festival Season Line-up…

Roberta & Calum have been cooped up in Banana Sesh HQ writing brand new tunes for this year’s festival season. Here’s a taster of what’s to come – a cheeky wee unplugged version of Stupid Head: a song that we hope will charm your socks off, or at least make you go wild and skank them off. Listen to it HERE.

This is only ONE of a whole bunch (whey) of new tunes so if you want to catch us live over the summer, you can do so at the following places:

The Banana Sessions’ Official Festival Season Line-up

Saturday 2nd June, Knockengorroch Festival (Galloway)
Friday 29th June, The Old Mill (Pitlochry)
Saturday 30th June, The Beatherder Festival (Lancashire)
Sunday 1st July, Kelburn Garden Party, (Kelburn Castle, near Largs)

In other news, we’re planning a wee tour in September, starting at the bottom and making our way back to the top.

Keep your eyes peeled for more info. (England, we’re coming to get you.)

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It’s a t-shirt!

We’ve never really been a t-shirt making kind of band (preferring things like mugs… and CDs!), but we recently had a photoshoot that yielded some shots so great that we couldn’t not put them on a tshirt. We think it speaks loudly about us, and we’d love to see lots of you wearing this at your barbeques! The shoot was by our great friend Jon Sinklayer. They’re available to pre-order now:

Pre-order our tshirt now!

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The new album, Mixtape: Pre-order now!

Mixtape has landed & is available to pre-order from our brand spanking new Bandcamp page. You’ll get to download the opening track, Two Seasons, straight away, and the rest will be all yours to download on the 19th December, whether you order the physical CD (and we do recommend it, it’s rather lovely) or just the download. Pre-ordered CDs will be posted on the 19th. You can hear two tracks from it via our Bandcamp player over to the right of this page too. Enjoy.

Pre-Order Now!

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Mixtape Album Launch – December 18th, Edinburgh

PosterDo you remember your first mixtape? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Those that do, cast your mind back for a moment…

Right, that’s enough. Back in the room. We have an album launch proposal to get on with here.

PALS! The Banana Sessions proudly present our debut album, Mixtape. Over the course of four years; things change, people change and song-writing changes. Over the course of four years, this is what The Banana Sessions have been writing. This mixtape was made for you. It’s cost us a whole bunch of money, emotional (and slightly mental) trauma & an abundance of wrinkles… but it’s landed. The time has come to celebrate this unleashed beast of a record with us. So whip your party poppers out.

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