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Animal Hospital & The Banana Sessions Present… A Good Old-Fashioned RIOT!

  As recently verified by the discovery of the Higgs-Bison (the so called “fun particle”), there is no force known to man as unstoppable as a party. When two complimentary party vectors join together, the resultant force (a “superparty”)  has enough power to easily decimate the comparitively weak covalent bonds responsible for fastening together barriers between […]

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Mixtape Album Launch – December 18th, Edinburgh


Do you remember your first mixtape? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Those that do, cast your mind back for a moment… Right, that’s enough. Back in the room. We have an album launch proposal to get on with here. PALS! The Banana Sessions proudly present our debut album, Mixtape. Over the course of four […]

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They’re hip hop and we’re not.

We’re dead chuffed to announce that we’re supporting the almighty Stanley Odd at The Liquid Room this Friday 21st October! If you haven’t heard of Stanley Odd, sort your life out and get stuck into their cheeky new EP by clicking here. That way you’ll know all the words by Friday and you’ll be able to sing along […]

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The Banana Sessions Summertime Shabang

GET YOUR ADVANCE TICKETS HERE (before they all sell out…) Featuring THE BANANA SESSIONS! Would you believe it!? They’re back for one of their face-melting banana enthusiast conventions… only this time, it’s to celebrate the clocks going forward by one hour. That’s right, folks – British Summer Time (BST) is landing! These five banana-obsessed […]

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Glasgow show announced

Tuesdays have never really been the coolest weekday of the bunch, have they? I mean, it’s too late to have the Monday blues, but it’s sho’ nuff a long way till the weekend, know what I mean? But while the rest of the world does their uncool thing, The Banana Sessions have their way of […]

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Acoustic Edinburgh headline slot this Tuesday

We’ll be headlining the awesome Acoustic Edinburgh‘s annual Hogmanay Hangover night, on Tuesday 5th January. It runs roughly 8.30-11.30pm at Medina (45-47 Lothian Street) and is FREE entry. Get down early for a seat, and you’ll be entertained by a surprise lineup of Acoustic Edinburgh’s regulars with a selection of comedy and cover numbers as […]

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