CMac’s Mixed Bag Mixtape

Hold on to your lugholes and put your hands together for a legend amongst legends… Mr Calum McIntyre. This is the mixtape what our favourite drummer has done and made. Be warned: he’s a radge (see below); this mixtape may contain nuts.


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Tombo’s Taste of the South Mixtape

Ladies, gentlemen; a round of applause – if you please – for everybody’s favourite sousaphone/tuba-rocking Aussie. And, of course, his impeccable taste in tunes from the deepest darkest depths of down under…


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Tommy P’s InstruMENTAL Mixtape

It’s no secret that we’ve been working super hard on our debut album for the past year. What you maybe didn’t know is that we’ve created a concept album called ‘Mixtape’ that celebrates the art of the mixtape in all its glory. In the run up to the release of the album, each member of the band will be releasing their very own digital mixtape. So – without further ado – please put your hands together for Tommy P’s InstruMENTAL Mixtape…


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They’re hip hop and we’re not.

We’re dead chuffed to announce that we’re supporting the almighty Stanley Odd at The Liquid Room this Friday 21st October! If you haven’t heard of Stanley Odd, sort your life out and get stuck into their cheeky new EP by clicking here. That way you’ll know all the words by Friday and you’ll be able to sing along at the top of your lungs.

Stanley Odd 'The Day I Went Deaf' EP

Also featuring on the night will be some filthy, beatsy goodness from Tactus, who’ll be warming you up for some bangin’ Banana chans. Once you’re suitably warmed, we’ll be riling you up even further to ensure you’re in fine fettle for some good old-fashioned Stanley Odd mania.

It’s going to be one of those nights where you’ll probably get off your face and leave singing “I’ve Had The Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing. Basically because we’re confident that’s what’s going to happen.

See you Friday pals. Get your hip hop shoes on.

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Ladies, gentlemen, heroes, legends and bi-winners… Our time has come! Glastonbury, prepare yourself for the banana kingdom. We’re coming to get you.

You can catch The Banana Sessions on the Bandstand stage at this year’s Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts (to give it its full name…) 22nd – 26th June, Pilton, Somerset.

More info on times etc when we have it.

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The Banana Sessions Boat Trip

The Banana Sessions, Unplugged, On A Boat… You are invited!

April 16th, 1pm on the Union Canal, Edinburgh…

We’re going to be rocking the banana boat on Saturday afternoon with a cheeky wee unplugged set – a rarity for us in this day and age.

Three reasons why you should come and rock the boat with us:

1. It’s the weekend and we’re pretty sure the sun will be shining.
2. It’s bring your own booze so you can get pirate-style steam boats.
3. You’ll be listening to some live banana music whilst sailing down a canal.

So… we invite you to climb aboard the banana boat!

Tickets cost £10.

Bring as much booze and food on board as you like.

The boat leaves at 2pm so DON’T BE LATE or you’ll have to chase us down the canal. Or you could swim. Whatever floats your boat (boom boom tish)

PLEASE NOTE! There are only 30 SPACES on the boat.

The Banana Sessions salute you and all who sail in you x


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