(October 2011)

The music video for our brand new recording of Jukebox; taken from our debut album, MIXTAPE, which will be released on Monday 19th December, 2011.

Starring: Jamie Gordon & The Banana Sessions.

Director: Dave Mills (

Post Production: Adam Webster ( & Mark Jewitt (

Written & performed by The Banana Sessions.

Recorded by Garry Boyle at Castlesound/The Depot Studios.

The Prodigy Medley

(December 2009)

A homage to the Prodigy… read Bob’s blog all about it here.

Director: Chris Thompson


from the Yellow EP (June 2008)

Made with some thoroughly weird footage from a cycle safety film called One Got Fat (1963), accessed via the Prelinger Archives at All footage public domain.

Edited by Calum Wood

The Drunken Dormouse

from the Yellow EP (June 2008)

What happened when Bob woke up feeling rough and there was no tea to be found…

Director: Chris Thompson
Featuring Marilyn Harkes as The Mad Hatter
Filmed on location in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh


(May 2007)

The Banana Sessions’ very first video, and the beginning of our highly fruitful (sorry) relationship with Chris Thompson. Simple, sweet, and with many of our friends making guest appearances. Inspired by the Big Green Aviators Project.

Director: Chris Thompson

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